OSHA Compliance

OccuSafe can help your business comply with OSHA regulations while building a successful safety program. Because of our long experience with OSHA, we can help you identify which parts of the standards are relevant to you operations, assess the current state of compliance, write or provide programs such as hearing conservation and respiratory protection, suggest administrative or engineering controls for your hazards, and provide training. We can also help you set up a safety management system, medical monitoring program, PPE program, inspections, record keeping, etc..

If you ever have to deal with OSHA directly because of a complaint inspection or citation, OccuSafe can advise you on the best response. Whether responding to a citation or inquiry, taking corrective action, complying with applicable regulations, or preparing for a hearing, OccuSafe can help.

For those who want to go beyond simple compliance with OSHA 1910 and 1926 regulations, OccuSafe can help you build a premier safety program. Management commitment with their active participation, safety committees and inspection teams, behavior based safety, annual program evaluations, and incentives can be integrated into your present programs. For those businesses that want to achieve the highest level of safety, OccuSafe can help with your acceptance into the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program.