OccuSafe has conducted ergonomic evaluations of many work processes implicated in worker injuries, illness, pain and fatigue.  Analyses look primarily at stressors on the back, wrists, shoulders, and neck.  Repetition, weight, distance, and position as well as other factors are measured, analyzed, and evaluated as to their stress on the body.  Easy to understand ergonomic models are used to help in the process and evaluations and results are made available to all employees.  Practical and economic solutions are offered and implemented to reduce injury as well as increase productivity.  In addition, OccuSafe offers ergonomic training so facility personnel can recognize ergonomic hazards and make improvements on a continuing basis.



Companies that have implemented injury prevention efforts focusing on musculoskeletal and ergonomic concerns have reported reduced work-related injuries and associated workers’ compensation costs. Fewer injuries improve morale, reduce employee turnover, and discourage senior employees from early retirement. Workplace changes based on ergonomic principles  also lead to increased productivity by eliminating unneeded motions, reducing fatigue and increasing worker efficiency. Healthier workers, better morale, and higher productivity contribute to better customer service.




Ergonomics is a concern whether sitting at a desk or on the factory floor.