Vibration Linked to Raynaud’s Syndrome in Employees-August 2008

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August 2008

IN THIS ISSUE: Vibration Linked to Raynaud’s Syndrome in Employees

The use of hand tools that vibrate can damage the nerves in the hand and arm causing Raynaud’s syndrome to develop over time.  Raynaud’s syndrome occurs when circulation becomes impaired in the fingers and hand that hold the vibrating tool.  When exposed to cold, the fingers become white and lack sensation.  In addition to Raynaud’s syndrome, vibration can also cause changes in the tendons, muscles, bones, and joints.  

“Recognition of vibration illness is gradual and increases over time,” explains Gary R. Ticker, CIH, CSP, of OccuSafe, Inc, “In fact, diagnosis often takes months or even years.”

Recent studies about Raynaud’s syndrome have shown a correlation between noise exposure and vibration exposure.

“We now know that employees with Raynaud’s syndrome have greater hearing losses,” Ticker explains, “By reducing the noise exposure, vibration is also lessened.”

In addition to noise reduction, there are a number of things that an employer can do to lessen the effects of vibration. 

  • Conduct regular, scheduled maintenance, on all vibrating hand tools. Tools in poor condition tend to vibrate more.
  • Install cushioned grips. Direct contact between the hand and metal increases the effect of vibration.
  • Train employees to minimize grip pressure and to recognize and control of hand and arm vibration.

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