Spanish for Industrial Hygiene and Safety Professionals-January 2010

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Industrial Hygiene and Safety 

January 2010

IN THIS ISSUE: Spanish for Industrial Hygiene and Safety Professionals 

More and more workers who enter American industry speak only Spanish. Learning relevant phrases and vocabulary in Spanish can help safety professionals communicate better with employees, and that means a safer work environment.

“As safety professionals we are obligated to protect our employees,” explains Gary R. Ticker, CIH, CSP.  “It’s important that we have a functional use of Spanish along with access to translators to ensure we’re doing just that.”

Here are some Spanish terms related to occupational health that may be helpful:

  • Breathe: Respirar
  • Cement: Cemento
  • Check: Comprobar
  • Chemical: Quimica
  • Chrome: Cr0m9
  • Dust: Polvo
  • Ear:  Oido
  • Ear muff: Oreja
  • Earplug: Orejera
  • Eyes:  Ojos
  • Hazardous: Peligroso
  • Health: Salud
  • Lead: Plomo
  • Lungs:  Pulmones
  • Machine: Maquina
  • Manager: Gerente
  • Noise: Ruido
  • Paint (v): Pintar
  • Pump: Pompa
  • Respirator: respirador
  • Safety: Seguridad
  • Skin:  Piel
  • Stop (v): Parar
  • Supervisor: Mangera
  • Ventilation: Ventilacion
  • Weld (v): Soldar

“As an industrial hygienist, these are words that I use all the time – in English and in Spanish,” says Ticker, “When creating your own list think about words that relate to your industry and the languages that your employees speak.”   

Learning terms that are relevant to your work is simple.  Your employees are an excellent resource as well as many free, online foreign language dictionaries that offer translation and accurate pronunciation.  Memorize these words and keep them readily available to ensure clear communication and a safer workplace.

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