Medical Monitoring Under New OSHA Silica Standard-April 2017

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April 2017

IN THIS ISSUE: Medical Monitoring Under New OSHA Silica Standard

OSHA recently announced that it will delay enforcement of the crystalline silica standard for construction until September 23, 2017. The original start date was June 23, 2017. OSHA announced that it expects employers to continue to take steps to comply with the new permissible exposure limit or to implement specific dust control measures.

One stipulation of the new standard is that medical surveillance will be provided at no cost to any employee who is required to use a respirator for 30 or more days per year, This must be performed by a physician or licensed health care provider (PHLCP). The medical initial examination should include:

  • Medical and work history related to crystalline silica and respiratory illness
  • Physical examination with special emphasis on the respiratory system
  • Chest X-ray
  • Pulmonary function test
  • Testing for latent tuberculosis infection
  • Additional tests deemed appropriate by the PLHCP

Information should be provided to the doctor about the employee’s current, past, and anticipated work related to crystalline silica and his/her use of respiratory protection. The standard also requires periodic examinations at least every three years, or more frequently if recommended by the PLHCP. OSHA has more information under 1926.1153B Medical Surveillance Guidelines.

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